Play & Learn

We developed a custom LMS for Vodafone to deliver an edutainment course to more than 300 secondary schools in Italy. The course is based on an episodic graphic adventure aimed at teaching maths and reducing the Digital Divide.

Students are involved in a police investigation divided into 6 episodes and control 3 characters, including 2 kids and a police officer: they must support the investigation by tackling issues related to multimedia languages and solving math problems, relying not only on their educational knowledge but also on social networking and online search engines. The proposed interactive activities leverage fun and challenge to teach real-life lessons and test problem solving skills.

The project’s objective is to teach through play, without any marks nor grades, while encouraging a correct and responsible use of the Internet.


Key Features:

  • Interactive activities encouraging active learning and improving user engagement
  • Mini-games teaching and/or improving skills (edutainment)
  • Ad hoc reporting and learning summaries for teachers and students
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