eLearningTales Learning Management System to make your training memorable.

The LMS platform you need to deliver engaging e-Learning and empower your tea.

Customers are using our e-Learning Management System to…

Remove space and time barriers

Access training anytime, anywhere, and enjoy a seamless user experience on our e-Learning platform

Cut costs

Save time and money

Centralize content management

Deliver and update courses over a single integrated system

Track progress in real time

Measure results to prove return on investment

Make learning flexible and scalable

Deliver content remotely and simultaneously to as many people as necessary

Boost learners' engagement

Leverage multimedia and interactivity for increased retention

Keep data safe

Protect, backup and control access through advanced user authentication

Reduce carbon footprint

Go digital and curb or ditch paper-based learning altogether


Set your team up for success with a bespoke solution.

Do not settle for off-the-shelf material or ready-made tech: get a platform specifically designed around your requirements and make it yours!

Pick the best solution for your needs and budget from a wide array of setups, including Cloud-based or in-house hosting, single or distributed data center architectures, or even enterprise data management with load balancer and optimised data delivery via CDN.


Deploy a standard-compliant, hassle-free system to manage all your learning in one place.

Train your team with our e-Learning platform anywhere, anytime, online or offline, and across multiple devices and apps including desktop, mobile and virtual reality.

Deliver richer learning experiences supporting interactive, adaptive, blended and multi-modal content. Then easily store, synch and retrieve any learning activity carried out through our Learning Recording Store, across any device connected to the platform.


Spice up your learning with fun and engaging mechanics.

Boost motivation and engagement through competition, and turn repetitive or complex tasks into pleasant activities by applying Game Design principles to your training.

Take your game well beyond Points, Badges and Leaderboards with eLearning Tales’ Gamification APIs and gamify anything, including courses, forums and company Websites – we can support you both with the integration of our APIs and a team of talented Game Designers, ready to help you level up your e-Learning strategy.


Build cooperation and knowledge sharing into your LMS with social learning.

Foster collaborative and informal learning by allowing team members to network, exchange ideas and support each other, while also rewarding the best contributors.

Boost engagement and encourage knowledge sharing by implementing eLearning Tales’ integrated collaboration platform, where your team can interact, share advice, ask questions, give answers and then rate the value of their peer-to-peer experience.


Grow your business across borders with localised courses.

Leverage out-of the-box support for multiple languages and deliver tailor-made learning content through a truly international LMS.

Easily manage multilingual courses, create custom glossaries and edit multi-language texts in real time.


Rest easy, knowing that our team of experts will always be there for you.

Get qualified support from our no-worries, fast-response tech team and a dedicated Account Manager.

Contact us anytime if you need help with your LMS or e-Learning strategy

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