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Welcome to the Future of Learning with our Immersive VR eLearning Suite

Unlock a new dimension of learning with our cutting-edge Immersive VR eLearning Suite, designed to revolutionize the way you train, educate, and develop skills. Our suite comprises three powerful elements, seamlessly interconnected to deliver an unparalleled learning experience: a Viewer, a Learning Recording Storage (LRS), and a Visual Authoring System.

The Viewer: Engage Anytime, Anywhere

Our Viewer is your portal to a world of immersive education, accessible across platforms – from PCs and web browsers to mobile devices and VR headsets. No VR headset? No problem! 

Immerse yourself without limitations. Experience the magic of immersive content that transcends traditional learning methods. Our Viewer brings learning to life, enabling you to master essential soft skills through interactive role-play with virtual human characters.


Cross-Platform Convenience: Learn on your terms, whether on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or VR headset.

Engagement Unleashed: Effortlessly deploy off-the-shelf solutions to captivate learners wherever they are.

No Headset? No Worries: Dive into immersive content even without a VR headset.

Proven Learning ROI: Experience better learning outcomes with enhanced retention and engagement.

The Learning Recording Storage (LRS): Insights that Empower

Manage, monitor, and measure learning with precision using our Learning Recording Storage. This central hub empowers you to strategically harness workforce potential through comprehensive data analytics and skills assessments. Immerse your team in a sea of knowledge, and watch their skills flourish.

Strategic Workforce Management: Make informed decisions with advanced data-driven insights.

Immersive Hub: Centralize learning content, permissions, and content licensing in one place.

Measure Progress: Gain real-time insights into skills development and learning performance.

Prove ROI: Showcase tangible returns on investment through immersive learning experiences.

The Visual Authoring System: Crafting Education, Limitless Possibilities

Shape the future of education with our Visual Authoring System, where instructional designers wield their creativity to craft non-linear, interactive learning experiences. This authoring system is the gateway to custom XR simulations, empowering you to develop rich, conversational learning journeys without the need for coding or animation expertise.

Infinite Learning Journeys: Build custom XR simulations for any conversational learning scenario.

No-Code Creativity: Craft content without the complexity of coding or animation.

Multi-Device Publishing: Develop once, publish across XR and 2D devices.

Seamless Integration: Effortlessly connect with the LRS for streamlined content delivery.

Why Choose Our Immersive VR eLearning Suite?

Experience the difference that immersive learning can make. Unleash the power of virtual human characters, advanced animations, and voice interactions in a safe environment that encourages experimentation and growth. Join the ranks of forward-thinking organizations that have witnessed remarkable results:

Faster Training: PwC study reveals VR learners are 4x quicker to train than classroom counterparts.

Emotional Connection: Learners are 3.75x more emotionally connected to content.

Confident Application: VR learners are 275% more confident in applying what they learn.

Heightened Focus: VR learners are 4x more focused than traditional e-learners.

Cost-Effective Scaling: VR training proves more cost-effective at scale.

Here are some examples of our work:

Bulgari Virtual Visit

Virtual Journey Inside a Timepiece

Create a virtual manufacturing journey, from an aerial view of Watch Valley, into the manufacturing site, and inside the world’s thinnest ‘grand complication. Utilize a mix of 360-degree and virtual reality (VR) technologies to craft an immersive experience.


  • To present compelling arguments to the ambassador for storytelling.
  • To immerse oneself in the authenticity and complexity of the watchmaking process.
  • To convey the commitment and engagement of the people at the manufacturing sites to prospects.



  • Cost savings: Achieve significant cost savings compared to in-person visits while maintaining a high level of engagement.
  • Multilingual storytelling: Offer a storytelling tool available in 11 languages, providing customers with a unique and personalized experience.
  • Provide an immersive training course that enhances sales advisor knowledge more effectively than traditional training methods


Soft Skills Simulator

A tool to measure and enhance a learner’s managerial skills in handling relational issues, such as those related to brand values and company best practices. A VR experience that can instill the expected behaviors within the PwC organization.



  • A VR Experience as a Soft Skill Simulator, based on a PWC-defined “typical workday” template.
  • Values alignment in three different work and non-work situations. The choices made will affect the evaluation of one’s performance through appropriate KPIs.



  • Align with PwC’s organizational values.
  • Deliver adaptive behavioral training comparable to coaching and role-playing.
  • Offer stimuli nearly identical to real-world situations, emphasizing learner identification, realism, and immersion.


VR Experience

Enhance a traditional museum visit at the Malpensa Museum of Flight with an immersive experience that reviews the evolution of aeronautics in Italy.



  • Experience the story of the pioneer of aviation: Giovanni Battista Caproni
  • Enjoy Italy’s first flight on May 27, 1910, aboard a CA 1 Biplane
  • Experience the thrill of flying in a hot air balloon and witness Geo Chavez’s historic aircraft, the first to fly over the Alps
  • Observe an M-346 aircraft, seemingly suspended in time, as it pauses to allow you to admire its details.



  • Boost museum visitors and revenue by diversifying offerings with digital experiences.

Doc Experience

Medical VR Experience

DOC Generici, an Italian company at the forefront of generic drugs since 1996, is committed to improving patient well-being by delivering high-quality medications at affordable prices. Their dedication to doing good for all has led to a collaboration with the iMille agency.
The iMille agency approached us to craft an immersive experience, a virtual journey inside the human body.



  • Provides real-time insights into the operation and advantages of a specific drug, including its interactions within the liver.



  • An immersive training tool designed not only for professionals but also for a diverse range of audiences.
  • Learn more about the world of generic drugs.

Embrace the future of education with our Immersive VR eLearning Suite. Let the promise of enhanced engagement, retention, and skills development shape your learning journey. Discover what’s possible when innovation meets humility in education.

Are you ready to redefine learning?

Explore our suite today and experience the transformative power of immersive education.

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