Little Red Riding Hood

Relive the magical fairy tale.

Relive the magical fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood with your children.
Fill the basket with delicacies… Grandma is waiting for you!

The story is more engaging thanks to simple and intuitive interactions with the characters and environments. Every single detail is designed to entertain, from the colorful illustrations to the catchy music and cute sound effects. The tale is narrated by a native speaker for each language.
Fun for the whole family.


Key Features:

  • Enable the “Turn my page” option to automatically advance to different pages of the fairy tale or leave your child freedom to proceed at his/her own pace
  • See tips on each page to make the right interactions
  • 5 languages supported: English, French, Italian, German and Spanish, with the option to select different languages for audio and text, which turns the application into a valuable educational tool to develop comprehension and learn foreign languages
  • (iOS only) Enable the “Recording” option and replace the narrator’s voice with yours for a personalized experience
  • Activate the “Bookmark” option to resume the story where you left off
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