Codename: Resus

Game map

A  game map every day: complete the mission and challenge your friends by sharing your result with them, but pay attention: you only have one try at your disposal!


Stardate 686761.7, IRC-99 spacecraft.
An extra-terrestrial infiltrator, in an attempt to break out prisoners, has unleashed an alien infection that is causing airway obstructions and cardiac arrests.
If agent Lea and agent Kang do not prevent the virus from spreading, the entire ship will be nuked!
Time is running out to prevent the spread of the infection and save the rest of the crew!


This videogame is an initiative of Italian Resuscitation Council (IRC) and IRC Edu Srl (made with the contribution of IRC Edizioni Srl, Fondazione IRC e ZOLL.), developed to celebrate the European Cardiac Arrest Awareness Week Anniversary #ECAAWA, to celebrate Viva! campaign and to promote the Kids Save Lives campaign.

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