The Fumbles App

Learn from your mistakes.

The Fumbles app aims at introducing English to Italian beginners.


In Fumbleland, when a kid makes a spelling mistake… a Fumble is born! If he adds an H in front of AIRPLANE … a stubborn little HAIRPLANE will pop out of his notebook! If he writes RAINCOW instead of RAINBOW… guess who comes ‘muuuing’ out of his tablet?

Sara Spelling’s students generate Fumbles in class every morning. The rascals hide on the teacher and end up at her place where, instead of sitting quietly to correct homework, she goes on crazy Fumble hunts to convince the creatures to give up their wrong letters!!!


Help your favorite Fumbles, sing along and go on a Fumble Race: the time-based Fumble Race consists in a path in Mrs. Spelling’s home, that the chosen Fumble has to follow in order to carry his letters to the finish line – The Fumble Hideout (only place where he cannot be reached and corrected by Mrs. Spelling). To overcome the obstacles on the path, the Fumble-player faces spelling and language skill challenges (different for each Fumble).


Play with the Fumbles and learn from your mistakes!

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