Vyvo Metaverse Concept

Life Simulator & Wellness-To-Earn Game

Is an application structured in 3 distinct sections.

Wellness is a section dedicated to the psycho-physical condition of the user; the app offers advice on simple activities such as how and when to sleep, stress management to more athletic and aerobic activities such as running, fast walking, biking, swimming or stretching.

Game section is dedicated to gamified experiences. The players are catapulted to a paradise island (Vyvo Island Resort) in the Pacific Ocean. They can move and interact (with third-person view) through their customized avatar.

The game is a “Life Simulator,” with building activities, and a variety of activities to be performed; some activities contribute to the actual mental and physical well-being of the player and consequently generate game economy development.

There can be several users on the island, but only one player owns the land. There is no limit to the number of islands.
Social-Fi based on invitation codes.

Those who share their code receive rewards based on the activities performed by those who received and accepted the invitation. This process promotes community building.

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