Bravura Quest Rush

Side-scrolling RPG Frenzy

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Quest Rush is a dynamic fusion of action and RPG, driven by time. Dash through rapid side-scrolling stages, each lasting 90 seconds.


Vanquish monsters, aid bystanders, and conquer quests in this lightning-paced adventure. Battle against the clock to emerge as the ultimate fantasy hero.


With lightning-fast stages and captivating time-based mechanics, Bravura – Quest Rush offers irresistibly addictive gameplay reminiscent of an exhilarating casual running game.


Key Features


  • Fast-paced side-scrolling Action RPG
  • Collect unique characters and customize your party
  • Seize time as the pivotal force influencing high scores, stage complexity, and quests
  • Acquire numerous power-ups and rewards to shatter existing records
  • Conque bonus Frontier stages with randomized quests and valuable treasures
  • Swipe to unleash special attacks with intuitive touch controls
  • Enjoy cartoon graphics, visually captivating 2D backdrops heightened by a convex mirror effect

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