Amplifon’s goal was to provide Italian audiologists with a unique training course matching the company’s high standards and emphasis on innovation. The course is made up of two training sessions: simulation and process.

The simulation training provides a presentation of the products features, positioning and technology through pictures and tables. A step-by-step guide to using fitting software is also provided through a simulation of the audio aids fitting procedure.

The process training requires learners to listen to virtual customers explaining their problems and then to propose the most suitable solution for their needs. The selected product is further dissected and explained.

Multiple-choice or drag & drop assessment sessions are delivered to test the learners’ knowledge about the products features as well as the counseling ceremony. A minimum score is required in order to proceed.

Key Features:

  • Interactive activities encouraging active learning and improving user engagement
  • Mini-games teaching and/or improving skills (edutainment)
  • Interactive 3D models
  • Software and product simulations
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